Get out of the chair, take your eyes off
the computer, and recharge your batteries.


Get out of the chair, take your eyes off the computer, and recharge your batteries.

Let your values show

The original Tesani company is a non-profit organization. Giving is at our roots. At EddyHR, we are an extension of that cause. We serve the community that we’re so lucky to be a part of, and we serve communities that aren’t as lucky as ours.

Spirit Week

Occasionally, EddyHR has a spirit week. Each day is themed, and you get bragging rights for wearing that theme the best. We throw in some trivia, games, and contests for a simple activity that adds a lot of fun to our typical work week.

March Madness Brackets

Let’s face it, your employee that has never watched a game of basketball has just as good a chance at winning as a hardcore fan. Even so, it’s a lot of fun.

Olympics Day

Whether it’s an Olympic year or not, we love competition at EddyHR. We don’t have an ice rink, a track, or a lap pool; but we have Mario kart, NBA Jam, and ping-pong. Even if the competition isn’t exactly fierce, we pretend like it is and we love every second of it.

Maverick Speaker Series

Once you stop learning, you start dying. We bring in amazing individuals to teach and inspire us to be better people and do better work. Their life and experience will help us grow if we let it. We’re constantly in a growth mindset, so this opportunity is invaluable.

Beach Party

What better way to enjoy Summer than to hit the beach. Despite having our HQ in the middle of Utah, our heart is in SoCal. We make up for our beach blues by renting out the Lindon Aquatic Center. We catch some sun, enjoy the water, eat good food, and even ride some waves.

Lion King

The most classic of all out-of-office activities. Everybody loves going to the movies. We take this tradition one step further by inviting families. What good is watching a reinterpreted Disney classic without telling your kids about how cool the 1994 animation was when it came out?

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