The important little gray
area in between work and play.


The important little gray area in between work and play.

Mindy's Cafe

Over here at EddyHR, and all of the Tesani Companies, We’re lucky enough to be fed every day by the one and only Mindy at Mindy’s Cafe. Not only does she literally feed us to-die-for cakes, but Mindy is also our mom away from home. She feeds us, loves us to death, and makes sure we eat our veggies. No matter how good or bad your mood, you can’t help but feel better walking into Mindy’s cafe.

Open Office Plan

Cubicles may work for you, but we like to see our friends over here at EddyHR. Product, engineering, sales, and marketing are all one team, and we act like it. We all share a goal, and collaboration is a must for our success.

Swag Store

This SWAG can’t be bought, it has to be earned. We earn “Maverick Points” by getting stuff done, then we spend them on stuff in our Maverick Store from a slick t-shirt to a sweet set of speakers. It keeps us motivated and gives us something to earn if we have the best Halloween costume.

NBA Jam & Ping Pong

We’ve got some deep roots in basketball that even those of us who are vertically challenged can enjoy. Our NBA arcade game and ping pong room is a nice addition to breaks or the close-up-shop routine.

Audible Account & Book Club

We like learning, and we like doing it together. Our company Audible account is open to everybody and we’re encouraged to use it and talk about what we’re learning. One of our Tesani Companies, Lift Credit, even has a book club meeting for each of our monthly additions to the library.

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