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What our customers have to say about working with EddyHR.

"The ATS/HRIS I Never Knew I Needed"

Oscar E.  //  Director of Talent Acquisition

Overall: The team that I dealt with at eddy has been nothing short of amazing. From my initial contact with them to completing our partnership, the communication, and understanding of what we needed in an ATS as a company has been incredible. I feel that we have received a tailor-made product and attention in getting the ATS integrated into our recruiting process. Our company has tried many other ATS’s and even though eddy have claimed this product is still evolving, it is an amazing product. I foresee us using eddy heavily now and into the future. A necessity for my recruiting process that I did not know I needed. Super excited to continue to use eddy.
Pros: -Easy to use (plug and play) -Well organized/Process well thought out -Simplified Pipeline setup and building -Streamlined Initial contact with candidates -Integration with job sites and posting job ads -Integration with current careers page or direct replacement for current careers page -AMAZING Customer Service and response time to inquiries -Frequent updates and great communication in regards to what is coming next for the platform
Cons: There are a few missing functions that I would like to see like a job order submission process from Hiring Authorities as well as a tagging system, but the communication in regards to what is coming up next is great.

“Applicant Tracking Simplified!”

Nicole C.  //  Director, HR & Talent

Pros: Eddy was the first and best solution for us in solving the spiderweb of candidates at varying stages of the hiring process. Due to the rapid growth of our company, the tracking of candidates was out of control. Many candidates were lost in the process, disappointed in the untimely responses and the hiring team felt unprofessional. Eddy enabled us to get organized, to move candidates along the process more smoothly, and to hire the right people in the right positions.
Cons: Although there are unique functions that we would like to see within Eddy for our specific needs, we feel that Eddy solved some of our biggest pain points and continues to do so. The functionality and enhancements are only getting better.

"Hands down best customer service!"

McKenna G.  //  Creedence Energy Services

Eddy is a great product that is priced right and full of capabilities!

Pros: Easy to use, Great Stage Actions, Free Interview Questions, Customizable, Auto Email Generation, Modern look and feel!
Cons: I have no issues with Eddy. When I come across a bug their service team and software engineers get it fixed within a day. All around great people and even better customer service.


Tyler H.  //  General Manager

Pros: And incredible company was absolutely incredible customer service. Cant believe the difference that its made having their HR software!
Cons: Love everything about the product. No complaints whatsoever. They have delivered and continue to do so!

“Amazing! Awesome design, simple and fun”

Adam R.  //  CEO

Overall: Loved the customer service, the pricing and the design. Really awesome Software
Pros: Drag and drop! So so easy to use and amazing design. You can automate emails, job integrations, customize your own hiring stages.
Cons: Nothing for me. We really don’t have anything we don’t like. There is a lot of old software and Eddy is new, clean, fast. We love it

“THE HR Software for Modern Companies”

Carlie P.  //  HR Manager

Overall: There is no better software for interviewing and hiring. I have only been using Eddy for a short time, but I’m convinced.
Pros: The hiring process created by Eddy HR is unmatched. The software is easy to use and organized perfectly.
Cons: Eddy is a newer software and not all of the features for employee management have launched. Once they do, the “cons” section will be empty. Eddy is straight up phenomenal.

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EddyHR is super easy to use—many of our customers never even ask us for help. But if you find yourself needing any guidance, our amazing support team is here to help you every step of the way.
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