Eddy—the world’s simplest people experience platform

Eddy gives you everything you need to hire, onboard, organize employee info

Candidate pipeline

See every candidate’s status

Eddy posts automatically to top job sites (so more applicants see your jobs), and automatically sends out candidate communication for you. This gives you time back to focus on people while we handle the process.

Employee profile

Keep track of everything

Eddy helps you look your best, improves your communication to candidates, and speeds up your hiring process. This gives you more time to interview and really find the best talent available.

Eliminate paperwork

Simplify Onboarding

Automatically gather e-signatures from new hires with the click of a button. Store documents in the cloud. No more paper, no more filing cabinets—Welcome to the future.

Employee directory

Organize employee info

Most small business have dozens of different spreadsheets to take care of employee info. Eddy lets you simplify your life by organizing all your employee infomation in one place—accessible anytime, anywhere.

Custom careers page

Make a good first impression

Our customizable career page allows you to upload your logo, showcase your company culture, and list your open positions, giving candidates a good first impression.

For many companies, a beautiful career page on their website becomes their top source of quality candidates.

Candidate job application

Get better employees

Eddy makes it possible to spend more time with candidates and also to work with your hiring group to communicate better and ultimately bring in better employees.

Candidate interviews

Customizable interview guides

Custom interview guides ensure that each interviewer asks the right questions. Eddy includes a library of insightful questions written by HR professionals.

People doing extraordinary things with Eddy:

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