We Give Back

What began as a simple desire to help others, grew into a foundation that has impacted more than 400,000 people around the world.

We Give Back

What began as a simple desire to help others, grew into a foundation that has impacted more than 400,000 people around the world.

In 2008 LaRee Hansen found herself living in a foreign country far from family, friends, or anything familiar. Instead of feeling sad about her circumstances, she decided to find any opportunity she could to help others. LaRee began volunteering at a local children’s hospital where she met a little boy named Artem. Artem was suffering from liver failure, and in series of miraculous events LaRee and her husband Travis were able to form a nonprofit and connect him with a liver doctor who could save his life. Ten years later, Sunshine Heroes has built 6 Sunshine Centers and performed 8 projects to help communities in 12 countries.

We Offer Killer Benefits


The places you go and the people you meet will change your life, which is why we offer employees the chance to earn a vacation bonus.

Do Great work & go home

We focus on what matters, results. We offer 9 paid holidays as well as unlimited PTO (40 hours paid time off for hourly employees).

Health benefits

We offer a high deductible health plan with an employer contribution to HSA, Long Term Disability, and Life Insurance.

Personal Chef

Mindy’s Café is the heart and soul of EddyHR. Her home cooked meals will fill your stomach and her happiness will brighten your day.

Family First

Nothing is more important than your family. We offer new parents 6 weeks paid maternity leave and 2 weeks paid paternity leave.

We give back

Spread Sunshine with us! We offer volunteer opportunities locally and abroad through our non profit Sunshine Heroes Foundation.

Make & Keep Great Money

We only hire the best! Because of that, we pay our people killer salaries and offer bonus opportunities alongside financial education.

Never Stop Learning

We are lifelong learners. We offer online classes, trainings, certificate programs and a growing collection of books to keep us learning.

Leadership Offsite

At EddyHR we invest in the leaders of our company. Every quarter we take the time to set goals, train and learn from each other.

Maverick Swag Store

We don’t have a dress code but if you need ideas of what to wear, we have a rad swag store full of Tesani gear!

Maverick Speaker Series

We invite business gurus, industry innovators, fighters, survivors, and good people from all walks of life to teach and inspire us.


Your mom isn’t the only one who thinks your birthday is a big deal, At EddyHR we celebrate birthdays, workiversaries, hitting goals, and more!

We invest in our people

We make sure our employees have everything they need to do their best work, including the best tech gear. Ask about our tech incentive!


Our killer teams motivate each other every day. Work with like minded people and be a part of something bigger than yourself.

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