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Bringing on a new HR system is a big decision. That’s why we’ve answered the top questions we hear from our potential clients.


You say this will save me $$$. How much are we talking?

Eddy saves hours of your HR employees’ time every week (time is money), and we help you save big by avoiding bad hires. According to Gallup, a bad hire can cost one-half to two times their annual salary. TWO TIMES! And we haven’t even mentioned our included integrations to top job boards that can save you thousands every year.


How much time will this actually save for me?

Hours and hours every week. Glassdoor estimates that employee onboarding takes ten hours of your HR pro’s time. We could cut that in half.


Okay cool, what are the implementation fees?

Eddy’s implementation fees vary by company size and are very affordable.


I don't want to learn a new process.

Starting with Eddy is hardly learning. We’ve been told by our customers that training on Eddy is like teaching teenagers how to text. Some of our new customers post jobs by themselves within minutes of signing on.


Are you gonna make me sign something?

We don’t do contracts. Just pay us every month and you’ll get to use Eddy every month. If you stop liking us, we won’t force you to stay. That would be rude!


Do I really need a different HR solution? We're doing just fine with what we've got.

We know we can save you time, money, and headaches. The more we can do that, the more time and money you can spend getting headaches somewhere else.


Look, budgets are tight, I don't really want to spend that money.

We totally get that. Eddy provides excellent value at an affordable price. You’ll save time and money with lower recruiting costs.


I've got an HR solution, why would I switch?

Your current solution of paper and spreadsheets is not really a long-term solution. It’s just not scalable. We have customers that used to do the same thing, but as they grew, paper and spreadsheets stopped working. That’s where Eddy can help you out.


Ok, the product looks cool, but how do I convince my boss?

Bosses are all about ROI, right? It HAS to be worth the price. So ya, bringing on another tool is always a tough decision, but this investment means thousands you don’t have to spend on jobsite integrations each year. It means tens of thousands you’re not paying your salaried employees to do mindless work. It’s money you could be using to grow your business.


Isn't it a pain to implement HR software?

Eddy was designed to speed up HR programs and to allow all types of users to feel confident using it, so we make sure our ramp-up process is easy. We have customers posting jobs in minutes. If you do have issues, our dedicated support team and online resources will have your back. And don’t worry, you’ll make up whatever time it takes you to set up Eddy many times over.

Try it risk-free!

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