The Team
Behind EddyHR

Every world-class product starts with a world-class team. Here’s ours.

Travis Hansen

Co-founder / CEO

Ryan Sagers

Co-Founder / COO

Kenny Freestone

Chief Product Officer

Greg Burgess

Chief Technical Officer

Chelsey Sperry

HR Manager

Jordan Boogaard

President of Sales

Melisa Judd

Executive Assistant

Mindy Kirkman

Personal Office Chef

Josué Alvarez

Operations Manager

Lynn Jarman

Principal Software Engineer

Jared Price

Principal Software Engineer

Nate Sargeant

Software Engineer

Ashley Johnson

Executive Assistant

Josh Calloway

UX Design

Brad Bradley

UX Designer

Nicole Nugent

Graphic Designer

Tarey Perkins

Director of Client Services

David Pack

Content Creator

Lauren Helgesen

Senior Implementation Specialist

Amy Harrison

Graphic Design Intern

Josh York

Sales Consultant

Devon McKenzie

Sales Consultant

Savannah Wright

Implementation Specialist

Riley Reed

QA Engineer

Harrison Burgess

QA Engineer
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