EddyHR—Helping Businesses Help People.

Every company has its own goals, visions, and purposes, but in the end, companies can only achieve this by helping people fill their own needs. EddyHR was created to free businesses from their internal pains in the neck so they can focus on helping their people.

Ease of Use

A tool is only helpful if it’s easy to use; otherwise, you’ll spend more time fighting the tool than actually using it. EddyHR is the easiest software to use on the market, and it will stay that way. Our tool is built to save you time and let you do your job.


We don’t just help you do your job faster, we help you do it better. EddyHR helps you find better candidates, hold better interviews, conduct better onboarding, administer better PTO, and build a better company.


Because of endless regulations, laws, and tasks, HR may be the most regulated department in your office. Staying on the ball and legally compliant can be daunting. Our robust tools allow you to go about your day knowing that you’re legally compliant in all of your many responsibilities.


Your company is only as good as the collaboration inside it. That’s why we’ve made it easy for teams to collaborate in EddyHR. Not only do we help businesses help people, we help the people inside businesses help each other.

See how EddyHR can help you help your people.

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