The #1 HR solution for small business.

EddyHR is the one-stop-shop for all your HR needs. Whether you’re hiring, onboarding, managing time, tracking PTO, paying employees, or signing documents, you can do it with EddyHR.

Divvy customers who sign up to use Eddy’s payroll service will receive 6 months of Eddy’s HR software absolutely free! They’ll also be eligible for 50%-off the cost of implementation ($1,000 value).

EddyHR has made my HR role easy. It is user-friendly, clean, and has the features that we needed the most. Once we signed on, we were immediately assigned a customer support rep that is always there to answer questions and helm walk me through new functions."

—Adriana from Arsenal Creative

EddyHR has been very easy to use for both recruiting and employee management, as well as time and PTO tracking and document retention. For the price, we couldn’t have asked for a better HR platform for our small company."

—Kayla from Loud Rumor

EddyHR is one main place to organize all employee data and keep things running smoothly. I would highly recommend it for the simple reason that they are willing to work and grow with your company. The customer support is absolutely excellent."

—Viktorija from HMD Transport

The most difficult part of my job was tracking the complex PTO and vacation days for our staff. Having to calculate that fiasco on an Excel spreadsheet was a nightmare. EddyHR has made this process so simple, I don’t even have to think about it! The software does it all itself."

—Joyce from Makios Technology
Hiring EddyHR


Eddy makes it simple to post jobs, review job applications, collaborate with your team, and hire candidates.

Onboarding EddyHR


With digital document signing and auto-generated tasks, onboarding new employees has never been easier.

Documents EddyHR


Imagine a world where all your company documents are neatly, securely stored in one place. Eddy is that world.

People EddyHR


Give your employees access to a complete directory of their co-workers. This facilitates better communication and relationships.

People EddyHR

Employee Profiles

Every employee has a unique profile where all their personal and job information is stored. Never go searching for data or documents again.


PTO Tracking

You’ll never have to answer another question about PTO balances or time off requests again. Eddy automates it all.

Time Tracking

Do you have hourly employees that clock-in and out? Eddy makes this easy and keeps timesheets organized.


Payroll can be such a pain. Wouldn’t it be nice to unload that responsibility to a team of experts with over 40 years experience? Now you can.

Training EddyHR

Training Tracking

Track the completion of various training or certifications for each of your employees and get reminded when they’re expired or need to be renewed.

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