From stadiums
to board rooms.

Our HQ is in Provo, and our heart is in SoCal, but we were born on the basketball court.


Travis is playing basketball for BYU. Ryan, then 9 years old, went to a game with a (Travis Hansen for President) sign. They hit it off.


Ryan attends Travis’ basketball camps while Travis plays in the NBA for the Atlanta Hawks.


They keep in touch over the next few years while Ryan serves a mission in France for his church and attends college at Brigham Young University. During these years, Travis plays for Real Madrid and Dynamo Moscow Russia in the Euroleague.


Travis retires from professional basketball and tried his hand in entrepreneurship. He founds Sunshine Heroes Foundation, Lift Credit, Tesani Companies and starts to realize how hard it is to find good HR and payroll software.


Ryan, now a senior at BYU and budding entrepreneur, asks Travis for help turning an idea into a business. Travis notices through building his businesses how hard it is to find and keep awesome employees. Frustrated with the lack of good solutions, he decided to build one himself. After 6 months of research they realize that every small and medium business is crippled by old software and outdated processes.


They combine efforts and launch EddyHR. The first task: find a world-class team of product experts and software engineers. It took almost a full year to recruit five-star product and engineering stars from their corporate jobs to our start-up but we did it!
First Eddy Office
Our Dream Team
Original Eddy Logo


Building begins.

January 2019

They launch their minimum viable product (an ATS) and get their first sale.

July 2019

Digital onboarding tools are launched along with people management (HRIS).

August 2019

PTO is launched. EddyHR gains traction among users and review sites.

September 2019

New EddyHR logo and website launched.
New EddyHR Logo

October 2019

Awarded 2019 Top Work Places by The Salt Lake Tribune.

December 2019

Acquisition of Pay-Role HR Solutions. EddyHR launches payroll.

April 2020

New EddyHR logo and website launched.
EddyHR Logo

May 2020

Awarded 2020 Best Companies to Work For and 2020 Best Payroll Service by Utah Valley Magazine.

July 2020

Awarded the nationally recognized Great Place To Work award.

Great Place to Work

July 2020

Selected by Shortlister as one of the Top Vendors in both the HRIS and Payroll categories.

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