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What our customers have to say about working with EddyHR.

This software has helped us tremendously with our hiring and onboarding procedures. Much easier to use than the onboarding software we were using.
I have been really happy with the Eddy program. Eddy has helped me to keep our employees up to date on the documents required for our licensing. Eddy is a good source for our employees to find the documents they need for their jobs and referral. We have used Eddy for hiring, it has streamlined that process and saved us a lot time.
Having one software to have people clock in and/or out, request time off, recruit and sort through resumes… everything thus far has been super handy and making my job a whole lot easier!
The best feature of eddy is the fact that it is almost a one-stop shop. Everything you need is obtained through the eddy portal. The software is easy to use and easy to train.
Overall the experience has been great. Our company had explosive growth and I would not have been able to manage everything. It has met my expectations as a full-service HRIS.
I have had a great experience overall. The Eddy team has been quick to respond to my questions and concerns.
Hands down best customer service!
There is no better software for interviewing and hiring. I have only been using Eddy for a short time, but I’m convinced.
Easy to use, Great Stage Actions, Free Interview Questions, Customizable, Auto Email Generation, Modern look and feel!
Instantly felt like a partnership with EddyHR and they beat all other competitors in price. Also, the back story of the company is quite appealing as well.
The Company is wonderful to work with for all your HR needs. They are on top of every request and question I have about the system. Eddyhr is extreamlly easy to learn and implement for you and your employees. It’s a great tool for any small to medium size company. They are continuasly adding new and incredible features to their system. I love it and would tell anyone to use it.
The team at EddyHR made our transition great. They helped us to understand the functionality and to use the features. Their responsiveness was great. The software is also pretty intuitive.
Drag and drop! So so easy to use and amazing design. You can automate emails, job integrations, customize your own hiring stages.
Our company had paper files before – Moving to an online HRMS has been so helpful.
Even more than the product itself, the EddyHR team has been incredible! They are so responsive, professional, friendly, and I trust 100% that they are here to help me the best they can. Having a great specialist at EddyHR who is available any time on any day to answer my questions is so great!!
It was affordable and provided a lot of value for the price. We had signed up for about 2 months because it was cheaper than the other services.
The hiring process created by Eddy HR is unmatched. The software is easy to use and organized perfectly.
Love this tool to manage and hire my employees. I would definitely recommend EddyHR to anyone.
You have no idea what this is going to do for us. Eddy is out here changing lives!
They have gone above and beyond in meeting our companies very personalized needs. They have been great to work with, and we plan to continue using their product.
Eddy’s team from beginning to end has been phenomenal.
The customer service team is amazing – always very responsive.
Integration was simple and support staff is prompt, honest and professional.
One of the features I like most about the software, is the onboarding for new employees. I love that I can send an invitation with a welcoming message and all the paperwork needed for our new hires. I have heard from our new hires that it was so easy to get their paperwork finished and at their own time. I like that I can track how far along the new hire is, in the onboarding experience.
Easy to use, affordable, Customer Support was great. We really had no issues besides the service not being customizable.
Eddy was the first and best solution for us in solving the spiderweb of candidates at varying stages of the hiring process. Due to the rapid growth of our company, the tracking of candidates was out of control. Many candidates were lost in the process, disappointed in the untimely responses and the hiring team felt unprofessional. Eddy enabled us to get organized, to move candidates along the process more smoothly, and to hire the right people in the right positions.
Loved the customer service, the pricing and the design. Really awesome Software.
This product is very easy to use and understand. The customer support for this product has been excellent. The integration into this product was very smooth.
Installing and getting employees used to a new software is challenging, but Eddy’s team were amazing. They have continued to help us through the process and as a new team ourselves, they’ve been patient and helpful when we have shifted our needs during the process.
What I like best is the customer service. Once we signed on, we were immediately assigned a rep that is always there to answer questions and help me walk me through new functions. The other great feature is the ability to access EddyHR’s HR Support Center which is a great resource for all things HR – it’s easy to ask a question of the HR Concierge, or scan the state-specific laws, tools, and videos. This has been great since I’m not a HR profession by trade.
I like the profiles of the employees! It is fantastic to have access to this data and so easy to digest it.
Eddy is a great product that is priced right and full of capabilities!
EddyHR is user friendly, clean, not cluttered, and has the features that we needed the most – time tracking, time off management, important document management/storage. It has a simple employee portal that’s easy to use.
The layout and ease of use is great. And customer service is always 100%.
EddyHR is the Best! The software is easy to use and very user friendly.
The company is great and willing to listen to suggestions that will make their product better.
Overall it is saving us a lot of time!
Love everything about the product. No complaints whatsoever. They have delivered and continue to do so!
I’m new to HR, so EddyHR has made my HR role easy.
EddyHR has been very easy to use for recruiting and employee management, as well as time and PTO tracking, and document retention.
One main place to organize all employees and keep things running smoothly. I would highly recommend for the simple reason that they are willing to work and grow with our company.
The most difficult part of my job was tracking the complex PTO and vacation days for our staff. Having to calculate that fiasco on an Excel sheet was a nightmare. Eddy HR made that process so simple. Especially adding our various schedules for both PTO and vacation days and how they are earned. I don’t even have to think about it! The software does it all itself.
I appreciate the availability of the technical staff and training. Eddy is always improving the product to better meet our needs. I am very happy with the program.
The ATS and onboarding features work really well together. The time tracking and PTO are a huge help and easy to use.
I like the full functionality of the software and that it’s very easy to use. It’s great for smaller or medium size businesses. I like the hiring, onboarding, people management and document filing. We recently implemented the payroll.
EddyHR has been easy to work with. The software if fairly intuitive and easy to use so with only a little training we are up and running. Customer service has been prompt and easy to work with when we do have questions. Overall I would give EddyHR an A.
Customer support is absolutely excellent, quick responses and always helpful. Any extra functions not offered, they are willing to add and constantly update the software to meet our company needs.
Eddy Pros:

• Having our employee documents digitally stored and easy to access.

• I love the ability to email a form for review and signature to our employees.

• Tracking hours for Payroll

• New employee onboarding is much easier

• Advertising for new employees is coordinated with Job search sites

• Training tracking and much more
We really don’t have anything we don’t like. There is a lot of old software and Eddy is new, clean, fast. We love it.
I have no issues with Eddy. When I come across a bug their service team and software engineers get it fixed within a day. All around great people and even better customer service.
And incredible company was absolutely incredible customer service. Can’t believe the difference that it’s made having their HR software!

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