What’s New in EddyHR: Custom Privacy Controls, Onboarding Updates, and More

The HR department holds some extremely sensitive information, and we know it. The security of your employees’ information is our priority, and we take it seriously. Check out how we’re helping you more finely control access to sensitive data within our already very secure platform.

Custom Privacy Settings

EddyHR’s new custom privacy settings let you define who can see and edit an employee’s pay information and Social Security Number. You can select specific admins to get access, and you can choose whether or not the employee’s manager can view this info. Go to the “Admin Settings” section of EddyHR to review and update these settings. Check out our help center for a more detailed explanation.

Onboarding Updates

1. Team tasks.

We’ve updated our onboarding feature to let you assign onboarding tasks with due dates to employees on your team. The ability to delegate makes it easier to get everything from email accounts to welcome baskets ready for your new hire. This new functionality makes onboarding-related tasks and communication much easier for you and your team, and it helps take some weight off of your shoulders.

2. Improved I-9 signing experience.

With the first release of our I-9 signing feature, only the new employee could sign electronically. This is now improved to allow both signatures to be done electronically within EddyHR.

This is a great time saver for your HR team and is a great way to streamline your hiring process.

This streamlined process will save your HR team a lot of time by cutting outdated steps. You won’t have to print the I-9, walk to the printer, wait an eternity for it to warm up, ask your coworker for a pen (because who uses pens anymore?) and sign the dang paper.

With EddyHR, it’s a few clicks and you’re done.

3. Onboarding Packet Templates

New to EddyHR’s onboarding functions is the ability to build onboarding packet templates. 

These templates mean that you don’t have to take time creating individual tasks for every new hire, your work is saved and can be used for a variety of job types and hiring options. You can define a unique packet for full time vs hourly employees, or a special onboarding list for managers for a fully custom experience.

Performance Notes & Admin Notes

Performance Notes for an employee can be added by an HR admin, or a manager who has that employee in their management chain. These notes can also be seen by the employee as a way for them to keep track of their manager’s feedback. Our new Performance Notes feature makes it easy to:

  • Take notes from quarterly and annual reviews
  • Record important accomplishments (projects completed, ideas generated, etc.)
  • Keep notes for employee one-on-ones

Admin Notes are great for keeping track of sensitive information about an employee. Admin Notes can only be added and viewed by users with the HR Admin role. Using Admin Notes, you can:

  • Record important accomplishments (projects completed, ideas generated, etc.)
  • Make a note of key conversations such as when an employee asks for a raise
  • Keep notes on any disciplinary issues

Inactive Employee Status

EddyHR now lets you go into an employee profile and mark them as “inactive” if they are not currently working or being paid, but have not been terminated. This is useful for employees on maternity leave, unpaid sabbatical, short-term disability, etc. Here are a few notes about how EddyHR handles these inactive employees:

  • Inactive employees will only show up in the employee directory if you use the “Inactive” filter.
  • Inactive employees will be unable to login to EddyHR. Their credentials will be disabled until they are made active.
  • Inactive employees will not be able to receive emails from EddyHR, even if they are listed as an email recipient for a stage action or time-off approval.
  • Inactive employees will have their information preserved in EddyHR.

You can always re-activate an employee who has been marked “inactive” from the employee profile page. Learn more about how that all works in our Help Center.

Super Easy As Usual

As you’ve come to expect from EddyHR, all of these new features are beautifully designed and simple to use. Feel free to reach out at any time by phone or email to ask questions or learn more about how to use these cool new features. Or you can check out the EddyHR Help Center for a more thorough guide on how it all works.

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